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  AGL 64i Brochure
Advanced Greig Laminators (AGL) has designed the next generation in print finishing laminators, the New 64i laminator.
The AGL engineering team has developed the following revolutionary new features.

The AGL 64i laminates and mounts a 62.0" wide maximum thermal or pressure sensitive laminating film. All models feature
10.0" diameter heavy-duty cantilevered unwind stations, 6.0" diameter pneumatically actuated nip roller assembly with “dial-in” spacer system, RTS break system for precise tension control feed back and 0-20 fpm operating speeds.

 Innovative Features


Tapered Core Chucks – Allows for fast and easy loading of materials onto the supply shafts.
2 Easy Web Feed Table – The “Easy Web Feed Table” virtually webs the laminator by itself by pivoting backward 90° giving the operator full access to the lower supply shaft. The lower wrap idler is uniquely linked to the “Easy Web Feed Table” which properly loads the lower laminating film against the nip roller when the table is returned to its home position. This feature eliminates the laborious task of crawling under the in-feed table to load the bottom supply shafts. The “Easy Web” system also features a dual latching system for secure docking, an elegant release system for smooth single handed operation and a hidden film guide. The film guide is exposed when the table is pivoted into its loading position and provides fast, accurate film alignment, reducing set-up time and material waste. The new “Easy Web Feed Table” system is a standard feature on AGL’s new 64i laminator.
3 Repeatable Tensioning System (RTS) – Typical film tensioning systems used on most laminators have no way of allowing the operator to record or duplicate proper tension settings. Without a feedback system, it is tough to pinpoint a problem or a solution to the problem or a solution to print curl. The “RTS (Repeatable Tensioning System)” brake and display allows the operator to measure the amount of braking resistance they are applying to the film un-wind shafts. When the operators identify the ideal tension setting for any film combination, they can simply record the tension setting and duplicate for future jobs. The “RTS” un-wind brake insures consistent repeatable results, eliminating the guess work and rework in finding proper film tensioning. The “RTS” brake is a standard feature.
4 Quick Latch – Reducing setup time and waste is an important issue with shop owners. So, in order to speed loading and unloading of lamination films on and off supply shafts, AGL has introduced “Quick Latch.” This simple but cool looking latch secures the swing out supply shafts and maintains their tram without tools, pins or thought. Releasing the “Quick Latch” is simple and fast, just grab the supply shaft and lift the “Quick Latch” with a small brush of your thumb. “Quick Latch” is a standard feature on the new 64i.
5 Curl Cam – During the lamination process of bonding materials together, unwanted curl can develop, resulting in prints that don’t lie flat. Most laminator operators use small amounts of break tension to combat print curl. However, this method still limits the operator from running certain types of film combinations and results in post de-lamination. It’s far better to form the film during the bonding cycle to avoid print curl. This forming also allows for processing unique film combinations. For example, using a 10 mil and a 1.7 mil combination. By engaging the “Curl Cam” the laminator operator can form the film as it travels through the laminator. The “Curl Cam’s” unique 360° rotation means you never have to unweb film to make adjustments. The “Curl Cam” is currently sold as an optional feature.
6 Logic Control Panels – Designed with user-friendly controls and gauges for quick adjustments. Convenient access to essential controls from both the front and the rear of the laminator. 
7 New Colors – The new 64i is now available in three designer colors.
8 Core-less Print Holder – The “Core-less Print Holder” is used for sheet feeding long prints. No longer will operators have to spend time rolling long prints onto a core to keep images from making contact with the floor, therefore becoming dirty. The “Core-less Print Holder” is easy to attach and remove when not in use. The “Core-less Print Holder” is a standard feature on the new 64i from AGL.
9 H.I. Wind-Up Cores – High impact, light-weight PVC wind-up cores are featured on the 64i for versatility and easy removal. Eliminates the need for endlessly searching for a spare corrugated core


  Physical Dimensions/Power Requirements  
    Overall Width: 89"  
    Maximum Depth: 57"  
    Maximum Height: 58"  
    Weight: 2650 lbs. (approx.)  
    Control Voltage: 220vac/50-60hz/1 Phase/60 Amp  

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