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Mount-Smart™ Opti-Clear Plus

Advanced Greig Laminators, Inc (AGL) Deforest, Wis - AGL introduces Mount-Smart Opti-Clear Plus as an improved upgrade to replace their popular Mount-Smart Opti-Clear E. This new improved version features an optically clear, permanent solvent acrylic adhesive and dual PET silicone release liners for smoothness and clarity. Mount-Smart Opti-Clear Plus is coated in a ISO9001 certified building with dedicated rooms for coating as well as slitting to eliminate dust and particulate, unlike other economy adhesives. This ensures Mount-Smart Opti-Clear Plus is safe to use for critical applications requiring clean and aggressive bonding to acrylic or glass and where high quality and lower cost are important considerations. Use this product in all your second surface applications for light-boxes, windows, interior decor or where ever a second surface application is desired.

AGL is committed to offering high quality over-laminating film and media to meet the most exacting standards, coupled with AGL equipment our quality is unsurpassed. For more information contact AGL at 1-800-276-2664.

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