AGL 4400

About the AGL 4400

AGL 4400 Laminates and mounts a 42.0" wide maximum thermal or pressure sensitive film. Available in dual heat, single heat and no heat roller configuration. Features a pneumatically actuated nip roller assembly with dial in spacer system as well as pneumatic brakes and clutches for repeatable film tension. 0-15 fpm operating speeds, mechanical and TapeSwitch emergency stops, emitter/receiver nip protection, 10.0" diameter capacity cantilevered unwind stations.

  • 4.25” steel roller design covered with a high release non-crowned silicone covering
  • Available in dual heated, single heated and no heated roller configuration
  • Pneumatically actuated nip roller assembly with dial-in nip roll spacer system for mounting various sub-straight thickness'
  • Pneumatically actuated pull roller assembly
  • Mechanical and TapeSwitch emergency stops
  • Emitter/receiver nip protection
  • Pneumatic brakes and clutches for repeatable film tension control
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